Increasing incomes in farming communities

The most complete contract farmer system that I have seen in more than two decades of working with in the rice sector
— Joe Rickman, International Rice Research Institute

Better Grain is a British company headquartered in London with international operations in Europe, Asia, and North America.  We currently focus on two crop areas – rice and guar – and are now adding more crops to our portfolio.  We work with our partners to provide them with complete end-to-end sustainable supply chain solutions.

At the very core of the global agribusiness system are farmers and farming-dependent communities.  They work tirelessly to produce crops without which the rest of us could not survive.  Sadly, many millions of farmers, particularly in low-income regions, suffer considerable losses due to inefficient supply chains, lack of access to capital and technology, and limited availability of extension services.


Better Grain organises a wide range of direct farmer engagement activities, including:

  • Operating full-fledged contract farming programs 
  • Conducting farmer training workshops
  • Ensuring farmers earn the highest possible prices for their crops
  • Ensuring farmers are always paid on time, with no unfair deductions at the time of purchase, and no withholding of payments
  • Providing farmers with high quality inputs like seeds and pesticides
  • Monitoring progress and providing direct farmer assistance throughout the crop lifecycle