Better Grain is a network of thousands of small-hold farmers.  Our goal is to help farmers thrive and prosper, while farming sustainably to reduce supply chain and food safety risks for our customers.


We are headquartered in London with operations in the United States and Asia.  We work with customers on building and operating sustainable supply chains for their agricultural inputs, seamlessly integrating with their existing processes and protocols.  Our goal is to help build a world where farmers and consumers both win.



Direct results for farmers and our partners.


At the core of our program is the CropCheck(TM) System we have developed to support our farmers through the entire crop life cycle.


I’ve been a contract farmer with Better Grain for the last 4 years. They respect us and visit us regularly during both the sowing and harvesting seasons. They give us very good prices and pay us quickly
— N.W. (Rice Farmer)
Better Grain has a quality team that visits us regularly and advises us on what to do and what not to do including pesticide and fungicide usage and timing. Because of this my crop quality has improved. They also pay our transportation costs. Working with them has been very profitable for me
— M.I. (Rice Farmer)